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Advanced Water and Wastewater Quality Control Lab (AWWQCL) is a state-of-the-art advanced laboratory for physical, chemical and biological analysis of surface water, well water, drinking water, domestic and industrial wastewater using modern equipment and process.AWWQCL is using both standard methods and new techniques for detection and treatment of environmental pollutants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants, endocrine disrupting chemicals found in water bodies. The AWWQCL is involved in various projects in collaboration with governmental and civil society organization to provide services to communities as per their needs. Our services are extended to community/private organizations for on-site sampling, chemical/biological analysis, consulting for pollution control/management, environmental audits/impact assessments, pilot plant studies, and health risk assessment.

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Advance Water and Waste Water Quality Control Laboratory

Drinking Water Testing

Waste Water Analysis

Ground Water Testing

Private Well Testing

Ground Water Testing

Bacteria Testing

Farm & Agricultural Drinking Water

Inorganic Testing

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Advance Water and Waste Water Quality Control Laboratory

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